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There is always a need for volunteers at Walter Scott! It is through the time, dedication, and energy of the people who love this place that we are able to be a sanctuary for all who come. We are in need of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, organizers, painters, landscapers, gardeners, scientists, naturalists, foresters, artists, general handypersons, and more! Additionally, if you don’t currently possess these skills but still want to be involved, we and other volunteers would be happy to share our hands-on knowledge. While some projects change weekly as they are accomplished, others can span months or even years!

Volunteers are incredibly important to the camp and the reason we exist. The facilities on this campground, the lake, and the dam were originally created by volunteers. Every year there are thousands of volunteer-hours that continue this legacy by maintaining and improving the campgrounds.

Our volunteer opportunities are open to individuals, groups and families. Choose either to volunteer at one of our scheduled work-days/work-weeks or contact us about volunteering outside of these times!