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New Camp Walter Scott Phone Number

By August 1, 2022News

Hi Folks,

After years of faithful service, we are retiring the camp’s landline phone number effective Sept. 1, 2022. If you have called the landline number in the past several months and not spoken to a person, you’ve already learned from our voicemail message that we are switching to a new number. While we did our best to attempt a transfer of our landline number to a digital platform, this service simply is not available at the rural exchange where our landline number resides. As such, we ask you to make certain you have updated your church office’s contacts, your cell phone contacts, and any documents/bulletin inserts/etc. you have for the campground to our new number:

(501) 570-6685

Feel free to reach out with any questions to the contact information listed below.

Peace on the Journey,
Clayton Summers
Minister & Camp Host, Camp Walter Scott
(501) 570-6685
[email protected]