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April 8, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse

The last Total Solar Eclipse in North America for the next 20 years will take place on April 8, 2024. At Camp Walter Scott, around 2:03PM, totality will occur for nearly a minute.

You’re invited to:
  • Watch the eclipse! (through protective glasses of course)
  • Bring a food for a picnic!
  • Walk the frog pond trail with its native wildlife signage!
  • Visit our ever popular goats!
  • See our native prairie beginning to grow back in for the year!
  • Walk our new skunk trail! (skunks not included)
  • Go out on water-craft with lifejackets! (and adult supervision if applicable)
  • Play on the playground or in our main field!
  • Enjoy any of our other outdoor recreation!

Day Visit

Come out for the day not just to watch the eclipse, but to enjoy some time in Creation. Spend time on some of our trails, watch wildlife, feed the goats, or make your way out on the lake.

$5 Donation Suggested Per Person

Overnight Lodging

Cost varies and space is limited. Send us a reservation request today.


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Future Eclipses

  • August 2044*
  • August 2045*
  • March 2052*

*Totality will not be visible from Walter Scott